Beginning of the school year!

In Turkey, the academic year begins a little bit later than in the CIS countries.

17-09-2018 20:07:08

Holiday in Turkey!

Every year on August 30, Turkey celebrates a big state holiday Victory Day

31-08-2018 16:52:05

Treatment of cancer in Turkey will become free!

The Turkish government announced that as part of a major health care reform in the co

26-07-2018 11:09:33

Festival in Alanya!

On June 25, 26 and 27, the "Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival" will be or

19-06-2018 22:37:41

In the center of Alanya appeared a little street lit by lamps - pumpkins!

At night street decorated with such homemade pumpkin lamps looks simply amazing and a

14-06-2018 10:30:37

Scientific Conference

Our construction company "Yenisey", at the invitation of the chairman of the Associat

30-04-2018 06:30:12

Alanya prepares for the opening of a new recreation park with a stunning view of the city!

Alanya prepares for the opening of a new recreation park with a stunning view of the

20-04-2018 17:25:02

The inhabitants of Mahmutlar are very happy about the new park "Şairler Parkı"!

The inhabitants of Mahmutlar are very happy about the new park "Şairler Parkı"!

18-03-2018 17:44:01

On February 18, a cycling race of 175 kilometers was held in Alanya.

International cycling race Grand Prix Alanya was attended by 175 athletes from 16 cou

21-02-2018 07:10:16

The opening of a new hospital in Alanya!

The medical industry in Turkey is very well developed, and today the level

22-01-2018 09:57:10

A celebration of a New Year!

In our Alanya City year to year more and more restaurants and hotels prepare New Year

04-01-2018 12:39:37

Alanya continues its development in the energy industry!

Tomorrow, October 21, 2017, the solemn ceremony of laying the foundation for a new pr

20-10-2017 13:21:07

Triathlon was held in Alanya!

September 30, 2017, in the city of Alanya passed 27 World Triathlon tournament!

02-10-2017 08:33:59

Alanya will replenish the budget at the expense of the sun!

In Alanya, on the slopes of the mountains in the Toslak region (Toslak Mahallesi)

29-09-2017 09:43:41

The beginning of the school year in Alanya!

Today, on the main square of the city, after laying flowers at a monument of Kemal

18-09-2017 11:19:23

53d Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey Route is Unveiled

The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey will ride the wave of excitement from Alanya

15-09-2017 06:43:24

The submarine Nemo Primero in Alanya!

Nemo Primero is designed for 46 passengers. Its length reaches 18.6 meters

11-09-2017 11:09:23

The weather in Alanya in September promises to be hot!

The weather in Alanya in September 2017 is expected to be hot

08-09-2017 13:38:12

Alanya Cable Car Project!

The opening of the cable car in Alanya became a landmark event for all residents...

07-09-2017 11:01:48

Turkey is preparing for Kurban Bayram!

The traditional animal to use is a goat or sheep, however, families that have joined

31-08-2017 09:49:46

Turkish Citizenship

In Turkey, the foreigner is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship after the actua

29-04-2017 15:32:45

Buying property

Alanya region is located in Antalya state and it was so attractive for German people,

30-03-2017 08:09:48

Four seasons to investment in Turkey

The Turkish government is seeking to increase foreign direct investment in the

30-03-2017 08:05:57

Turkey Regions

Turkey regions:Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, South-eastern

30-03-2017 08:01:13


Foreigner labor law (Uluslar arası İşgücü Kanun Tasarısı) was adopted on July 28 and

29-03-2017 10:27:29
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