Jessica and Ralf

We want to say big thanks to construction company “Yenisey” for being very careful and professional with their clients. I and my husband wanted to buy a property in Turkey, and we’ve got a few trips there to do so, but we’ve faced an agents and agencies who’s tried to get more commission for themselves always. Sometimes we’ve seen the same property by a different price depends on the broker and it was quite sad knowing that we are just a source of money for them. We wanted to buy in quiet but fulfilled place and to have a comfortable stay while coming to Turkey and, also, to get a profit from giving the property to lease while out. We've found all in “Yenisey Residence” from construction company “Yenisey”. They provided us with full support and only one price for sure. Now we’ve got a friendship with a company and we’re very happy that we’ve found them.
Best regards,
Jessica and Ralf Mairons

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