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Over the years, our Company Yenisey Construction has become one of the leading construction firms in Alanya. We have earned our reputation through hard work, uncompromising precision, constant learning and adapting to new technologies. We love what we do. The variety of projects on our portfolio proves the scope of our engineering and execution capabilities. We deliver a reliable and innovative range of projects around the area. The company’s team members are passionate about engineering, infrastructure, design and understanding our clients’ needs and objectives. Constantly increasing the level of our projects, quality standards, as well as introducing new technologies of construction and design.

Our projects are in great demand amongst buyers from different countries and therefore Yenisey rightfully occupies a leading position amongst construction companies in Alanya! Start realising your dreams today!

Why Yenisey?

Yenisey Construction Company was founded in the 2006 year. Over the years we proved our reliability, strong reputation, excellent execution of projects and highly professional staff. Yenisey Company is a well-known construction holding in the Southern region of Turkey. A variety of projects, price range and the most beautiful ecologically clean area attract customers all over the world. Make a right choice. Choose Yenisey.

Meet the team of Yenisey Construction Company


Turkish, English, Russian, German

Anastasia Karlysheva

Sales service

+90 549 306 88 99

Turkish, Farsi, English

Hamid Shahin

Sales service

+90 549 301 88 99

Turkish, Farsi, English

Armin Hashemi

Sales service

+90 549 405 88 89

Russian, Turkish

Tatiana Chueva

Sales service

+90 549 304 88 99

Russian, English

Viktor Gonashvili

Sales service

+90 544 348 18 38


Turkish, English

Serkan Açik

Accounting & Administration

+90 533 594 73 76


Yunus Özbek

Head of Customer Service Department

+90 532 392 33 62

Deniz Şimşek

Head of Customer Service Department

+90 549 402 88 89

Kamerhan Özbek

Head of After-Sales Department

+90 532 557 39 38

Özcan Koç


+90 549 305 88 99


Mahmut Kurtbaş


+90 549 403 88 89


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