About Turkey

HISTORY IN TURKEY RUNS DEEP. We’re talking about incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites, well-preserved ruins and art from pretty much every major civilization in the Ancient World — even the origins of civilization itself are rooted in Turkey. This mean a visit to this country bridging Europe and Asia, ancient and modern, has to be one big history lesson. You can spend all your time outside the museums, away from historical sites, and be equally blown away. That’s because Turkey is also home to some absolutely gorgeous landscapes — from high mountains to powder-sand beaches and turquoise seascapes. If you’re into the outdoors and the scenic, here is some spots to focus on.

North Anatolian Mountains

Much of the northern reaches of Turkey is defined by the North Anatolian Mountains (a

Mount Ararat

And now we return to legend. Mount Ararat, in far eastern Turkey not too far from Lak

Kaputaş Beach

Turkey has nearly 1,000 miles of Mediterranean coastline, so it isn’t hard to find yo

Lake Van

Turkey’s largest lake, covering 1,450 square miles with a maximum depth over 1,400 fe


At Pamukkale in Denizli Province, natural hot springs flowing for millennia down the


We humans certainly create our own landscapes, and few are as impressive as that of I

Lycian Way

If you really want to get a feel for southwestern Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, you h


It’s easy to mistake fact for myth when talking about Cappadocia, an ancient kingdom


One of the most attractive stretches of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast (and that’s saying a

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