Mahmutlar is a place for a quiet life

Mahmutlar town today is one of the most well-known town to foreign buyers of Turkish property in Alanya. Alanya authorities are doing everything they can to ensure that foreign owners of apartments in Alanya, like all the inhabitants of the area, live quietly and comfortably. The town stretches along the coast for 5 km, consists of three parallel streets,  within walking distance to the beach.

This area has a unique climatic conditions,  the sun shines all year round and the land provides abundance of fruits and vegetables. The minimum temperature in winter is 12 degrees during the day and 5 at night. The seismic activity in the region is low.

More than 10 years ago, few could have known about the existence of this town on the Mediterranean coast. The construction boom converted once a small village, surrounded by orange and banana plantations, into a town of such fame.

New, spacious apartments in cozy residential complexes with swimming pools and gardens started attracting Europeans buyers. The beautiful nature, gentle and warm sea, calm life and cheap apartments with large terraces and balconies and great views of the mountains and the sea. All this attracted Germans, Irish, British, Belgians and others to the area. Older properties in Alanya are bought by residents from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Today Mahmutlar is one of the most popular and attractive area to buy property in Turkey. There are a lot of very interesting and very affordable housing proposals, in excellent complexes, new buildings, in the market. Buying a property here is beneficial not only for personal recreation or residence, but also to future investment, you can rent out your apartment.

Alanya authorities do a lot for foreign owners of apartments in Mahmutlar to make their life happy and comfortable.

Alanya has a good environment: there are no factories or industries activity. Gazipasa Airport  operates a new runway which can be used by all type of passenger aircrafts.

The high level of security, the availability of kindergartens, schools, shops, clinics, allows you to live calmly and confidently.

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